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New: Gift voucher rewards

Skillfully staff writer
08 May 2024


We’re thrilled to introduce you to Skillfully's latest initiative:  gift vouchers! Available on selected courses, this exciting offer rewards your commitment to professional growth and upskilling with an exclusive gift voucher from an excellent range of retailers, or from Skillfully itself. Elevate your skills, embrace your learning journey, and enjoy the added perk of a well-deserved treat on us! 


If you're paying for a course yourself, you can choose a gift voucher from a retailer for 5% of the course price ex-VAT, or a voucher from Skillfully for 7% of the ex-VAT price. (A Skillfully voucher can be used on any future courses.) So, if you spend R5,000 on a course, we'll give you a retail voucher for R250, or you can get R350 off your next course with us. 


If your employer is funding the course, only the Skillfully vouchers are available, and are for your company's use.


When you (or your company) use a Skillfully gift voucher on a future course, then you can still get another voucher from buying that course, if it is eligible for vouchers. The voucher amount you’ll receive is a percentage of the ex-VAT price you pay – taking into account your discount from using the voucher – as long as that price is at least R2,000.

Courses eligible for a gift voucher

Be on the lookout for our distinctive orange gift voucher symbol on a course page or post! Its presence signifies eligibility for a gift voucher.


You might see the gift voucher symbol on any of these courses:


How it works

  1. Reserve your spot in the course by clicking the "Book now" button on the course page. (Or just click "Contact me".)
  2. You'll get a confirmation email, asking you to provide details for invoicing.
  3. After invoicing and payment, we'll contact you via email to find out whether you want a Skillfully gift voucher or an e-gift voucher from our list of retailers). If your employer is paying, they'll receive a Skillfully gift voucher.
  4. The gift voucher will be sent via email or sms. 


Terms and conditions

Skillfully may sometimes choose to offer electronic gift vouchers, from third party issuers or from Skillfully itself, to customers who purchase courses. Every aspect of this initiative is entirely at Skillfully’s discretion. Decisions made solely by Skillfully include, but are not limited to: periods or occasions when gift vouchers are offered; courses that are eligible for gift vouchers; issuers of gift vouchers and conditions of use; values of gift vouchers; and interval from the start of the course until a gift voucher is supplied. 


From time to time, Skillfully may publicise conditions under which gift vouchers will be offered. However, such statements do not impose any obligation on Skillfully, which fully reserves the right to alter or deviate from these conditions whenever it considers it suitable to do so. 


Skillfully takes no responsibility whatsoever for gift vouchers that it supplies from third party issuers. There can be no claim on Skillfully regarding such gift vouchers, whether for reasons of malfunction, restrictive conditions of use, expiration, or any other cause of concern to users.